Game Design Companion: A Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4 – Suggested Readings

October 6th, 2013

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Wario Land 4 Page on the Super Mario Wiki

When researching a game, I’ll often read its Wikipedia page. While Wikipedia is a great resource, for games with a strong following, the fan-made wikis are the way to go. I love browsing the Super Mario Wiki, and it came in handy when writing about Wario Land 4.

An Oral History of Mario

I made this contribution to the Wario Land 4 part of this article.

From R.O.B. to Rhythm Heaven: The Legacy of Nintendo’s Most Subversive Studio

Quite a good piece on R&D1 by Retronaut’s Bob Mackey.

8 Bit Horse on Wario Land 3

AJ’s piece on Wario Land 3 covers the game quite extensively.


The Retronauts crew discuss all the games in the series. Some good bits of insight.

Radio Free Nintendo – Episode 303: Livin’ Extra Large

Wario Land 4 is covered in the second half of the show. Although the discussion is comprehensive, I do disagree somewhat with the main points.

Wario Land 4 in 40 Minutes (Tool-Assisted Speedrun) and Explanation

I didn’t talk much about TASs in Game Design Companion. This article covers some of the tricks of the trade.

Wario Interviews/Development stuff repository – Wario Forums

Wario Land references in the WarioWare series? – Wario Forums

The minds behind Wario – Wario Forums