Adventures in Games Analysis

October 3rd, 2013

Hello and welcome to the Adventures in Game Analysis Volume I web portal. Here you can find all of the information you need for your reading and research pleasure.


Having establishing a groundwork for analytical games writing in Game Design Companion: A Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4 , Daniel Johnson sets out to explore other games and other forms of game analysis in Adventures in Game Analysis Volume I. The compilation of fun-size case studies includes essays on Animal Crossing, Uncharted 2, Wipeout, Metroid: Other M, and Twine games, among other games and topics.


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Online Reference

Contains all videos, images, and links referenced in the book, as well as two of my own games made just for the book.

Additional Material

Promotional stuff, corrections, bonus extras, articles that didn’t make the cut—they all go here.

Suggested Readings

Finished reading and looking for more? Here are some related links freshly culled from the interwebs.

Extended Glossary of Terms

A direct link to the Critical-Gaming blog, where you can find articles elaborating on key terms, with explanations, examples, images, and video.


Samples from the book. (Hopefully they’ll persuade you to purchase >_>).


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