November 22nd, 2007


Hello. My name is Daniel Johnson, aka Daniel Primed, and this is my self-titled game analysis blog. I started this blog in 2007, writing topical editorial pieces, but quickly transitioned into more long-form, game-specific writing. In January 2010, inspired by my great friend and mentor, Richard Terrell, I decided to write a book that would allow me to better understand his theories on video game design and summarise how I felt about the current state of games writing. After 2 years of full-time writing, and some time preparing for publishing, that book, Game Design Companion: A Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4, was released in 2014.

The preface to Game Design Companion, which you can read online, is a kind of mission statement for the writing I do, games analysis. Dan Cook’s A Blunt Critique of Games Criticism gives some good context as to why I’m such a strong campaigner for games analysis and so critical of games criticism. If you’re interested in learning more or joining the game design discussion group to chat on a regular basis, then please email me. For a dated round-up of the best articles on the site, see here. Richard Terrell’s Critical-Gaming blog is an indispensable resource.

You can contact me through the following services, don’t be shy now:

Email – danielprimed [at] gmail [dot] com

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