Introducing Starseed Observatory

March 4th, 2014

Ah, so here is that mysterious group project I’ve been working on. It’s something Richard and I have been discussing for years and is a seed for something that I hope develops into something much bigger. I was the lead editor of the project and did the podcast-video feature Twin Perspectives. I like how the page offers listeners a lot of different ways to engage with the content. Later on, once I get some more time to myself, I’ll do a full write-up on the site, but for now, please enjoy this press release:

Press Release: New Starseed Pilgrim website is an experiment in the next generation of games criticism

Collaborative games criticism group, Critical-Gaming, releases ambitious new website on Starseed Pilgrim.

Dallas, Texas – March 3 2014 – Critical-Gaming today announces the release of Starseed Observatory(, a new games criticism website exploring the indie puzzle-platformer Starseed Pilgrim. The website is an example of quality games criticism, a tool to help players critically discuss video games, and a resource to display and connect visitors to the discourse on the game.

Starseed Observatory is a mixed-media presentation that contains articles, podcasts, music, videos, imagery, and gameplay demos all co-created by members of Critical-Gaming. The criticism ranges from analysis of the game’s design, music, and gameplay strategies to personal reactions and reflections.

Droqen, the creator of Starseed Pilgrim, has supported the project by creating playable snapshots of gameplay to accompany the articles. In the next few months, Droqen shall release a new update to Starseed PilgrimStarseed Dreamwalk. The modification contains a mix of new ideas and suggestions put forward by Critical-Gaming.

On Starseed Observatory, co-founder, Richard Terrell, says:

Video games are complex works of art that utilize many different types of design and craft. All the work that is put into games makes them more interesting, engaging, and enjoyable experiences for players. One way we can share great experiences we have with games is by talking about them. Proper criticism gives us the language to understand and enjoy games better (even the games we don’t like!).”

Starseed Observatory is available right now at

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