Link Out (7/11/08)

November 7th, 2008

australian propoganda

Is Sarsaparilla not the drink of Gods? I love the stuff; it’s one of the only consumables that I’m addicted to, along with breath mints. Unfortunately, no mild addiction will save me from my woeful state of disorganization.

Maybe that’s harsh, but I just can’t seem to keep it all together over here (China). I spend the mornings in class and by the time that is finished my energy reserves are all exhausted. Then I have to meet with people, do homework, read the news, play games, write for the blog, phone home and find a moment of solitude to drink my sars before the landlord barges in to talk over the top of me. It’s the foreign language which is crippling my juggling act, I tell you!

Well there is the part whinge, part excuse as to why things are quiet around these parts. This months recommendations on the other hand are fantastic, grab yourself a sars, some mints and start reading.

Games That Defined The History of the PlayStation (PS1) – RacketBoy

Another great feature by Racket and his crew of merry helpers – of which I am a part of. The article is a good reminder of the overall diversity of the Playstation console and how it pulled together players from multiple niches under the one house. Even though the article is already huge in size, many titles were reasonably left out, a good testament to the console’s software muscle. Try to guess the entry I wrote.

Good Game Interview – PALGN

Good Game is a weekly TV series in Australia centered around video games. Even though I am away in China, I can still download episodes through the ABC website each week. Actually, the ABC’s online services means that I’ve been watching more Aussie TV than Chinese. God bless cultural resistance.

In anycase, take a read, it’s definitely reassuring to have such an enthusiastic and yet such professional program about video games on TV. You might also find this interesting.

Matt Hazard: The Legacy You Never Knew – Moving Pixels

I often like to razz on video game marketers basically because they are our masters and we are their obedient, money-spending slaves. In this case though, I have to give a shout out – and hey, a free, pitiful plug – to this recent marketing wizzardy.

thirsty merc

Video game censorship and the art of horror –

Some fruitful, concise and on-the-mark writing by Ben Croshaw, featured in a prominent location. The way the article and all of its various conclusion are wrapped together is quite marvelous. A fantastic argument is put across which highlights the credibility of this medium, exactly the sort of writing we need.

Korean Gamer Makes Video Criticizing Chinese & China – chinaSMACK

This is pretty messy actually. Basically this Korean kid made a video expressing his frustration and disgust of Chinese gamers. While some of it is clearly derogatory, with more being awkwardly translated, there is quite a bit of weight in the observations he puts forth. Most of which I can actually agree with or at least deem reasonable. Read the comments of the Chinese people too, speaks worlds.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Review – Action Button

After my recent spat at the the current state of games previews, with the inclusion of some fond memories of MGS3, I was pleased to come across this from Action Button. This site always writes something interesting about games, even if sometimes it is a little schizophrenic in its approach. You have to applaud them for two things though; writing with some flair and actually discussing the merits of the game.

And the Rest…

Just a quick dump of the rest of the pack. Iroquois Pliskin puts into words how Call of Duty 4 makes light of the many complexities of warfare. Mitch Krpata highlights all thats wrong with the attitudes surrounding this year’s seasoned pickings with a simple conversation log. Ars Technica gets serious about games and finally someone writes something that isn’t completely one sided about Wii Music. Oh and I love this video too. Good stuff