Kyntt Stories Critique

September 9th, 2008

kyntt stories indie game

Knytt Stories is an independently produced game by Nifflas, you can download the game for free here (Should be the right address, can’t see the site over here).

Knytt Stories is a petite platformer containing a selection of separate ‘stories’ loosely based around the adventures Juni; a young, seemingly frail girl. When you download this title it comes with a tutorial and a main story called ‘The Machine’, the stories then come from additional content by the developers and fans which can also be downloaded from the website. Kyntt Stories is basically Nifflas’ previous project ‘Kyntt’ with some more sophisticated updates or so it seems, I’m yet to play much of Kyntt yet.

The following is a critique of ‘The Machine’; the game that comes with the download but since all of the stories use the same template, the critique basically covers them all.

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