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October 22nd, 2010

A collection of my best posts can below. Some of the earlier game-specific articles tend to generalise more than I’d like, but I can say that I’m generally pleased with what I’ve written here. Please enjoy.

Collections of Posts

Super Metroid (level design, tenets and player stringing)

Heavy Rain (narrative, skill, player roles)

Resident Evil series (various design elements)

Okami (player stamina, progression and flow)

Prince of Persia (Overview)

Metroid Prime 3 (play journal, level design)

Super Paper Mario (education)

Zelda: Twilight Princess (originality and structure)

GTA Series (shared journal and 3 part overview)

Half-life (gimmicks)

Syphon Filter Series (mix bag)

Quake series (nightmare, narrative, mobility and design)

Halo (mix bag)

Games Crunch

DP’s Games Crunch 2009 Part #2

DP’s Games Crunch 2009 Part #1

On Individual Games

Super Monkey Ball – Leading into a Banana Blitz

Differences Between House of the Dead II and III

Evaluating Eternal Darkness

Majora’s Mask And Cultural Alienation

Trash Panic: Causing Much Mayhem, Dropping Drama!!

The Torturous Taste of a Magnificent Neo-Retro Light Show (Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved)

Guest Writing

Link’s Crossbow Training Review (Wii)

Portal and the Deconstruction of the Institution

Mapping The Gamer Dialect


Exploring Jamaican Game Culture (Interview)

Marketing Stimuli, Previews and Chicken Feathers

We Place Faith in The Conduit

DP’s Gaming Wallpapers

Why You Should Buy the Original Metal Gear Solid over Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Watch Morgan Webb Totally Degrade Video Games on the Tyra Banks Show

Five Advantages of Being a PAL Gamer

Speculating over the Original Intentions Behind the Gamecube’s Hi-Speed Port

The Best Upcoming Fan-Service Games of 2008

DP’s Retro Gaming Compilation Wishlist

The 12 Best “Non Gamer” Games for the PSP

Trailer Analysis

MGS4 TGS Trailer Analysis

Resident Evil 5 PS3 Conference Trailer Breakdown

Hidden Secrets/Clues in the Resident Evil 5 Trailer


Good Video Games and Good Learning Overview

An Overview of A Theory of Fun (Raph Koster)

Metal Gear Solid Novelization Break down (Part #2 Tangible Differences)

Metal Gear Solid Novelization Break down (Part #1 Impressions)


Pixel Hunt Re-examined (+ Some Words on Retroaction)

Good Game ‘Rei: The Blogosphere’ Dissection

Hyper, Print Media and Tips for Survival


The Ideological Framework of Berserk

An Analysis of Interactive Blogging Features and Language in Fostering Characterization and Community Building

  • Thomas

    The following statement is pure truth.
    James Bond – 007 Goldeneye on N64 is the best game to have ever been released. Good day.