Startropics and Other Recent Business

October 21st, 2016


A few months ago I played through Startropics with my friends over at the VG CommuneWe recorded a couple of podcasts together and I also wrote up a rough photo diary of the two Startropics games. In the first podcast we discuss static and dynamic gameplay mechanics and how the grid-based gameplay makes the game very clean. In the second podcast we zoom out from the minute-to-minute gameplay and observe the flow between the game’s chapters. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and I’m sure you will too. The photo diaries are a bit rough, but I think they’re worth sharing as well.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve podcasted with the VG Commune. We’ve previously discussed Super Mario Land 2 levels, optional challenges in Wave Race 64, and the nature of two-dimensional space in The Firemen. Greg, aka Golem, has also been putting together videos out of some of our Super Mario Land 2 level discussions, so I’d urge you to check them out and follow him for more videos in the series. Although the DP blog is relatively quiet at the moment, I have been working away in the background over the past few months, so as always stay tuned. 🙂