DP’s Old Collection of Forum Signatures

October 14th, 2013

Before I ran my own blog, I used to frequent a number of video game forums. Something that remained constant throughout my 3-4 years on the forum scene was my fascination with signatures, those neat looking images that follow one’s post. Although I’d been playing around with Photoshop for a good while before I got into message boards, it was undoubtedly signatures that prompted much of my early enthusiasm for graphic design. The other day I stumbled upon my old folder of signatures and figured that I should share them here on the blog.

  • Nice signatures! Indeed, far more ‘professional’ than many I’ve seen on any gaming forum!

    I do have to wonder one thing though; what made you stop using video game forums to begin with? A dissatisfaction with the types of topics discussed? Lack of free time? Something else?

  • Thanks. I stopped frequenting message boards because I found that they weren’t conducive to the type of discussion that I was wanting out of them. I felt that thoughtful comments weren’t acknowledged and I wanted to learn more myself, but didn’t think it was the right environment for it. So I started writing about games on my blog.