Real-Life Game Dynamics

February 14th, 2013

A game dynamic is a variable which affects two or more areas of a game system. For example, in many Japanese SRPGs, height is a dynamic. It affects the attack and movement range of units and the damage one unit gives to another. So, higher units have more range and slightly stronger attacks than lower units. The height dynamic allocates strategic advantage and disadvantage to certain areas of the battlefield, encouraging the player to plan their tactics around the map’s topography. In this way, dynamics make games more engaging. You can read more about dynamics here and here.

When writing about dynamics for my book on Wario Land 4, my thoughts drifted from game dynamics to real-life dynamics and how the dynamics that make life interesting could be emulated in a video game. Below are some theoretical examples that I’ve come up with. I found it quite fun putting these together, so feel free to share any of your own ideas in the comments.




Need to go to the Toilet



Bright Light

What are some unique game dynamics in games you’ve played?