Critical-Casts Episode 3: Trigon B-Side

February 22nd, 2013

The other week, I joined Richard Terrell and a few of his mates on the b-side recording of his third Critical-Casts podcast. The final cut was put online yesterday, so go ahead and check it out. Like the previous shows, Richard did a great job at putting this one together, and I had a great time being a part of it. Having just come off crunch time on my book, coupled with Chinese New Year commitments, I was pretty exhausted going into the recording. I wake up about half-way through though, so it’s not all bad. I’m thinking of writing up a few comments on what we discussed, but it seems like I’ll need to do a bit of research first, so that might take a while. In the meantime, be sure to have a listen and leave Richard any comments on his site.

The blog’s been a bit quiet this week cause I’ve been relaxing a bit more, working on a few longer posts, and doing a ton of research. It seems like some of my notes are turning into their own mini-projects, so we’ll have to see where that gets me. By the way, if you like the Wipeout series, you should totally check out Hellfire_WZ’s YouTube channel. This guy has done hours worth of tutorials, tournament matches, and documentaries on the series. I’ve been watching his stuff for the past few days and learnt a whole bunch. I would recommend Wipeout HD Fury – The BasicsWipeout – Circuits from Hell, and Wipeout – Through the Ages – The Weapons.

  • Steve Johnathan

    you were a great contribution to the podcast. You would often mention which views would fit within which part of the trigon view like “game overs” in the technology side and an interesting tidbit about “futurists”. I was hoping to see what you guys would say on the “we are all explorers in search of mystery” article (I think I even heard on you groan when Richard mentioned it).

    Regarding games in ordinary life, there are actually quite a few I could think of. Off the top of my head are the Sims and the Persona games where studying for homework, socializing with friends and getting a part time job were part of the game.

    Any specific videos in that Hellfire channel you would recommend as a must see.

  • Hey Steve,
    I edited the article to include a few recommendations. The videos aren’t explicitly analysis (Circuits from Hell is, though), but, if you’ve played the games before, it isn’t too hard to draw your own conclusions. The tournament matches (top of the list) and level breakdowns (bottom of the list) are also quite good.

    Thanks for your comments on the podcast. I haven’t read the explorers article–these kinds of articles wear you out after a while.