A Few Comments on Star Ocean: Second Evolution

February 10th, 2013

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I played this game for 10 hours before giving up. I’m sure it gets better, but who has the time to wade through so much filler? Here are my thoughts:

If anyone’s interested in this series, there’s a fan-translation of the original SNES game (which was later remade for the PSP in the same vein as Second Evolution).

  • Steve Johnathan

    Most interesting and useful comments were ones describing the shallow combat. I think I can scratch this game off my list of games to check out. Even the IGN review you linked to has issues with the combat system.

  • Yeah, don’t waste your money on this title. I wish I could say more about Second Evolution, but the game didn’t open up enough for me to really say very much.

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  • ArkhamJester

    So there is too much talking and worse yet it isn’t interesting talking… That has got to hurt, personally I don’t mind talking (personal fan of the original FF tactics and the persona games) but I have to ask, do you think you would have liked it better if the dialogue was more interesting or was that simply icing on the cake?

  • Sure. Interesting text is much better than boring text, but text in general takes time away from interaction, so it should be used appropriately. I just finished playing Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story yesterday and although that game has a lot of text, it’s worthwhile on its own, so I didn’t mind it. The same goes for the political intrigue of FF Tactics and Tactics Ogre.

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