When it’s done?

April 28th, 2012

Hey guys,


Another book update. In the next month I should finish the final edit of the book. From there I still have a number of articles to add, a visual reference to put together, formatting, book art and all that business. I’m hoping that everything will be finished in 3-4 months, although I have been wrong before…


I know that it’s been a long wait. Originally my plan was to write a short 60-120 page book on Wario Land 4 as preparation for a 300-400 page analysis of Metroid Prime. I reasonably assumed that the Wario Land 4 book would take about 8 months to complete, 4 months writing, 4 months editing. As I started editing in August last year though, the Wario Land 4 book evolved into the planned Metroid Prime book in terms of size and scope. This expansion has been the source of the constant delays. Despite the wait, the final edit is much more fleshed out than the drafts you can find here on the site.


Once I’ve finally completed the book, I’m planning on doing a bit of promotion. So interviews, podcasts, pitching excerpts and so on. I’m not expecting the book to sell very much, but as a radical advocation for games analysis, I’m hoping that I can use it to challenge some of the issues in this space. I hope to talk more about this later.


I’ll also be back to my regular schedule too and have already prepared notes for another 30 posts. Until I’ve finished the book though, it’s still gonna be hush hush around here, so hold tight just a little longer.


I almost forgot to mention that I made a few modifications to the site a few months ago. I installed the Disqus commenting system, redid the tags on each post and changed the categories. Let me know what you think. ^_^



  • KirbyKid

    +1 support. 

    Slow and steady wins the race. I always have to remind myself how slow doing anything of quality is.