Timetable to Completion

October 21st, 2011

And there I was thinking that editing would be a breeze. Instead I’m pouring more of myself into the project than before. The more time I invest, the more I realise that I need even more time to edit and extend the book. It’s not all bad. I’m hitting a high benchmark with each edit revealing another bit of detail I can add or some way to remove unnecessary words. The end result is going to be dense. I can assure you of that. I’m hoping it will set a new standard for the way we talk about games.

I’ve outlined what I think will be a realistic timetable for the final phase of the book, granted that I don’t crash and burn. The next 7 weeks of finishing up the levels will be the hardest. After that it should be smooth sailing. Although I said that before, didn’t I?


October, November, December – Finish the master edit

December, January, February, March – Add topical essays and other articles, prepare reference material and online portal, and do a final edit.

April – Prepare the book for publication


Thanks for being patient. I’m eager to finish this thing and get started on the next project.