Metroid Prime 3: Quarterly Diaries (Prelude)

September 27th, 2009


I’m sensing that — with articles such as the ones I’ve written on the PSP Syphon Filter games, Prince of Persia, Zelda: Twilight Princess and the Half-life series — I’m slowly leaning in favour of longer, more exhaustive pieces of writing on a single game or series. And I quite like it!

Although I’ve tried and failed twice, almost three times before (check the Final Fantasy Marathon, Syphon Filter: LS walkthrough and GTA: CW Cross Blog Dialogue) I’d like to once again try journaling my game progression and observations into a more-than-one-part series of posts. You know, the walkthough format where I spout out observations relative to my completion rate. This time I’d like to give it another red-hot go with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

I chose Metroid Prime 3 for two reasons. Firstly, I hold the sub-series in high regard. Metroid Prime being a deeply engaging experience, one that reinvigorated my eagerness towards this medium in the way that only the best games can. The level of artistry on all fronts was and will always be truly impeccable, Retro Studios have a craftmenship like no other.

The second reason is not so honourable. I bought MP3 back on release (came with a $20 guide too, not bad for $69, inclusive) and joyfully began playing it, reached 20%, then stopped. Tried again and was disrupted. A week later, I finally started again for the (ironical) third time, this being the play through I shall monitor.

Before I get into the discussion though I wish to prelude with some preliminary objectives;

Piecing Together the Trilogy

I’d played the prior two games excessively – as I usually did with games at the time. This has given me a decent understanding of the previous games, so with this knowledge, I hope to piece together the trinity of themes which each title represents. I obviously have strong ideas on the earlier two games, therefore playing MP3 will allow me to conclude the my thoughts on the trilogy as a whole.

Trueness to the Original Series

I’m also playing through Super Metroid simultaneously and am therefore interested in grading MP3 on how well it maintains the Metroid-ness of the series. How pure it is to series lore? And how do Retro Studios handle expansion and divergences? This is particularly interesting for MP3 as it’s already been preceded by two other Metroid Prime games, hence it needs to establish some individuality within the proven formula, as Metroid Prime 2 did before it.


Streamlining. This is a Wii game after all – how well does the game accommodate the new control scheme via interface?

Fresh, Stale, Corrupt?

How well does Metroid Prime 3 maintain that new game smell in a sub-series which is already at it’s peak?

Sub-Series Regulars

Dark Samus and Phazon both originated in Metroid Prime. Maybe, just like the Matrix trilogy, there is a life, birth and death metaphor going on. Maybe not. I’m intrigued at how this title will close these elements. Phazon seems legit, but Dark Samus is still a bit of a dubious character. I’d like to draw comparisons with the less dubious SA-X from Metroid Fusion too.

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