Link’s Crossbow Training Review

August 2nd, 2009

This place is becoming something of a depositary for my external writing as of late. It’s not intentional, I just seem to be gravitating in this direction – obviously with much swing from my regular GameSetWatch column.

I always feel very anxious about my column since I spend most of my time writing my way to the topic before I begin writing the actual column. With foresight I’m attempting to bank future articles in an attempt flag off time-sucking commitments that’ll occur later in the year. Yet, doing so is a bit of an exhaustive process, which is where my attention has been at – rather than here. I guess I have to balance it somehow, but I still feel guilty.

For the moment I’m simply out of material – deciding to turn over the material that I did have prepared to Video Games Blogger in the form of a review of Link’s Crossbow Training. This was originally planned to be a handsome follow-up to my Twilight Princess discussion but as I continued to write, I felt that my thoughts encompassed the whole game (rather than a handful of discussion points), so I whipped it into a review. I surprisingly enjoy writing game reviews (for retro/”outdated” as it forces me to cover games in a complete perspective, while adhering to the same philosophies I do here.

Anyways, I hate reading blogs with apologetic writers, so I’ll finish up by saying that the pace of articles will slow down (tertiary education with a vengence) but otherwise business as usual. If you have missed any of my other articles elsewhere then be certain to check the about page.