We’re Going on a Vacation

July 17th, 2009

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a whirlwind vacation interstate, returning to this place next Thursday. This means no new content for the next week, give or take. I really would’ve liked to have had something prepared in the meantime, but unfortunately I’m all out of material. The Rei: Blogging post and my forthcoming column at GameSetWatch took a lot out of me. I’ve basically spent most of the last few days writing and researching for either. Furthermore, I don’t like to fiddle with the time stamp options in WordPress, you know – kinda finnicky.


Alas,I have thoughts ready to process for a number of titles, yet I’m all fatigued from writing. Anyways, my next column will hopefully go up soon on GameSetWatch, so look out for that. Maybe try out those blog roll links too, they’re pretty good!