Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Guest Review

July 13th, 2009

My second review in the Prince of Persia trilogy is now up over at Video Games Blogger. I’m rather pleased with the piece. This past month I’ve been reading the highest quality of games writing available (in the form of the two GameSpite books and gamesTM magazine) which I think has rubbed off in my writing. Further, it’s easier for a franchise purist like myself to poke holes in Warrior Within‘s thin adolescent pretension. On the other hand, I’m also pleased that I managed to write so much which didn’t overlap with my dissection of The Sands of Time.

I’m composing reviews for the entire trilogy, which means I still have The Two Thrones left. Having only just completed Warrior Within this last week, I suspect that the final review will be a little longer in the pipeline. In the meantime, you can all perv on some of this official artwork.