Mini Demo Reviews and I’m Back

July 24th, 2009

G’day, I’m back. Don’t you just hate it when you return from a rather taxing holiday only to have responsibilities lying in wait at home? I certainly do. I’ve gotta update some passport stuff and prepare for my trip back to Shanghai which I’m hoping will happen this year, just before the new year. Once I finish my uni work, I’ll be doing a one month intensive TESOL (teaching English as second (other) language) course right up to Christmas and then start working possibly weeks after that!

That’s not for months yet, although uni’s starting monday which might slow down the posts a little. Also, if you didn’t notice, my new column went up on GameSetWatch, it’s called Memberships, Hierarchy and Lore of the Gorons. Originally I wasn’t very happy with the article – felt like I was grasping at straws, but after some extensive renovation I’m rather pleased with it.

Lastly, just before my break, I downloaded a number of demos from PSN, of the 6 or so titles I was most impressed with the experimental puzzler Trash Panic. I’ll probably download this one today as it had me hooked pretty bad, as for everything else though – including previously played demos – here’s some mini-impressions.

Ridge Racer 7 – very early PS3, can’t launch into slides easily

Everybody’s Golf – just like Mario Golf ‘cept the camera is a little more difficult to control and the new (optional) power-bar-less mechanic lessens precession in shots, still Mario Golf was beaut

Sega Rally – too floaty, I don’t like these sorts of games

infamous – haven’t played

Riddick – reminds me of Doom 3 with less colour and more headspin, demo makes it difficult to appreciate

Killzone 2 – argh, didn’t like this one, great graphical showcase tainted by unenjoyable realism, like Call of Duty 4 but unforgiving

Burnout Paradise – cars don’t feel as good as the amazing Burnout Revenge, I would probably warm into this title if willing to give up the blind faith

MotorStorm Pacific Rift – awesomeness, however all vehicles lose out to the bikes, full game would be sweet if it was overloaded with short cuts and destruction

Mirror’s Edge – refreshing but needs oiling

Crash Commando – maybe if I’d played Soldat I wouldn’t think much of this, well…I haven’t played Soldat, but enjoyed this thoroughly, needs more weapons and quicker drop ins though

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 – need time to understand the nuances of the fighting system, inflated sprites looks yucky

  • Take my word on this: I hated the Burnout Paradise demo. I was bored with it, didn’t like the open-world structure, and thought the handling just felt needlessly weird. It just left a bad taste in my mouth that only popping Burnout Revenge in could fix.

    Eventually I took the plunge and downloaded the game and it is totally awesome, easily outclassing my expectations.

    Oh, and good article. Extremely thorough.

  • Might have to do that, my brother will be buying it regardless, so no doubt I’ll get to try it some more later.