Half the Man he use to be

April 6th, 2009

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Just a wee bit of house keeping to take care of. Firstly, check out another one of my posts over at Zath. This one is generically dubbed How To Improve Your Online Communication – I’m no good with titles. I really enjoyed writing this at the time, but when it came to re-reading the uploaded version, something bothered me and I not dare finish reading it. Maybe you can tell me if it’s any good. I remember it being dangerously academic at the time of writing (yet at the same time being impossibly academic, due to lack of references, read from here if you lust for empirical discourse). In anycase Simon let it through, and that’s cool.

I’ve also unfortunately suspended my crusade to take on the Final Fantasy series. Not by choice, mind you. I was lapping up Final Fantasy II on the PSone Origins disc. Thoroughly enjoying myself too, FF II is ten fold better than the original, yet amidst the RPG happy days the game freezes during a compulsory non-interactive sequence, ensuring that I can’t progress any further. This occurred once before at a determined point in the game, but thankfully I could avoid it, this time I’m not so lucky. I was planning on playing a good chunk of the series on the Playstation 3 and GBA. Not a bad choice considering the first time the first half the series (FF I-IX, maybe give or take one game) saw release in Australia was the PSone. No seriously, like Dragon Quest, we got robbed pretty bad.

The problem is a PS3 issue I think. So I simply to switch to the PS2, right? No, unfortunately not. A few months ago we got a mod chip installed on the console, to play a series of games that (like the Final Fantasys) had skipped PAL release. I whined over these titles previously. Yet, the console seems to be struck with the inability to play much at all. I’m not sure if it’s broken or what. I have to wait for my twin to investigate, so I’ve simply given up all hope for the meantime. Emulation is a possible option, but considering I have to whole series hard copy on access, there’s no reason why I should stoop so low to play the game’s that are rightfully mine (or his – my brother’s). In the meantime I’m itching to play some Dragon Quest IV on the DS, or Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3. Thinking of Valkyria Chronicles makes me urge to finish Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. Then again, maybe I ought to leave that for when I return to Shanghai. Argh, it’s too hard.

Just on that topic though, I wanted to give a shout out to this post which missed the rounds of last month’s Link Out segment. Deceptively simple differences between two of my most dearly loved titles. Who would have thunk it?