Link Out (8/3/09)

March 8th, 2009


You’ve probably noticed the sudden increase in video streams included in the most recent posts. Well at least I hope you have, but more importantly I hope you’ve gain a sense of why I’ve adopted this approach. It’s not a trend that I wish to continue for every post thereafter, rather the last few topics all benefited from some video contextualization.

Same old deal: I’m battling to keep this segment running just within a monthy basis – I always seem a week or two out of the month. As always I’ve tried to seek out the most interesting links from a wide variety of sources. The latter I consider to be pretty important. It’s surprising how many bloggers simply link to the same 3-5 people in their friends group and leave it at that. Tsk, shame on them. I also need to update that blogroll sometime.

A Progress Worth Saving – Critical Gaming

I’m a sucker for personal anecdotes, and Richard does a beautiful job at drawing me in with his description of the power of print, the strength of physicality and how the importance of these things don’t quite equate into the virtual space. I’ve probably spruiked Critical Gaming in the past, but if you haven’t caught on, go ahead and start reading this goldmine of information. I’m currently backlogging myself, seriously, great work at hand.

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II Review –

I went on silent revolt once I read the changes that GameCritics adopted on their review structure some months ago. I returned though and I’m pleased that I did. I got a lot out of this review of the latest revival of the Ys series. The way Mike ties together rose tinted nostalgia and modern day realities is handled with great respect.

Edge Killzone 2 Review: A Disservice To Game Consumers PSX Extreme

I bet someone over at this site is probably kicking themselves for letting this blind-sighted moron post something so shallow. How did this ever get through editorial? This site deserves all the ridicule that’s been layed upon it. Silly, silly people.

New Games Journalism is Dead. Long live New New Games Journalism.

Chris’ discussion here is an interesting one, I personally disagree with some of the direction, but – as taken up via email – I think we feel pretty mutual on the topic at large. An interesting dissection of the evolution of progressive games writing and a suggestion that we are perhaps running off the rails.

Lunchtime Video – The Importance of ‘Mario Kart’ Sales – MTV Multplayer

There’s been a small dip in quality since Patrick Klepek left late last month, but Stephen and Tracy are still doing a good job at holding the fort. Stephens insightful musing are perhaps the real hook for me which is why I wanted to point this one out.

JetSetRadio Future – GameSpite Issue 12.4

Not so many people are aware of the Xbox JetSetRadio iteration. Fortunately this article puts the nuances between the Dreamcast original and Xbox sequel in good light. The article’s also got me pondering the relationship between Sega’s bolstered Xbox support and the relation that had to do with Windows CE being featured the Dreamcast.

They Call it the Grind for a Reason – Versus CluClu Land

The past couple of days I’ve restarted my backlog through the (numbered) Final Fantasy games, with FF Origins on the PSone. I’ll discuss the game and my venture through the series in due time, for now let’s just say this piece is a suitable introduction.

Draughts Game Complete –

I also forgot to plug the latest indie hit sensation Draughts as developed by my twin brother. While the concept of draughts/checkers may appear daft, this is no ordinary iteration of the classic board game. Well actually it is, but Chris had been sure to develop the game on pretty low end code from the ground up. You won’t notice this much in play as the game was intended to be a used for crunching code rather than design. It’s neat though, so I recommend you check it out, the code is all open source too, so take a squiz and see if you can help him flatten any strange anomalies that might surface.

Good Times Spent With Friends – Press the Buttons

Cuties! I love these cute characterizations of the consoles and PC.

Other equally great stuff that I can’t put words to:

Through The Tubes – Raptured Reality

Child’s Play – Eurogamer

Behind The Charts: The Portable Rhythm Game Jam – GameSetWatch

Disney Capcom NES Games – HardcoreGaming101

Iwata: ‘Essence Of Fun’ Can Overcome Gap Between Japanese, Western Culture

Only in Japan – Japanmanship

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  • Whoa, you linked to me. To say that was unexpected would be understating it, so thank you very much for the shout-out.