Stepping Up

January 26th, 2009

playstation-network-logoJust a small buzz to all of you who play games online; I registered for a Playstation Network and Xbox/GFW Live ID last week. I never play games online and I expect that even with these two screen names in hand that’ll probably not change much. Actually I don’t even have an Xbox 360 – I was forced to create a handler for a friend’s Rock Band – so that will make chances even slimmer.

Since I don’t have (and don’t intend on buying) an Xbox 360, the Playstation Network ID is the only address worth sharing. I have Call of Duty 4, Resistance: Fall of Man and Metal Gear Online which all have multiplayer online componenets, as well as Home and whatever other features come built in. To be honest I don’t even know if I will even bother playing these games online, I will give it a shot no doubt but perhaps just to see what it’s like. I honestly don’t have the time, nor commitment to any one game to be an active participant in the online community. Hell, I rarely ever leave comments at other people’s blogs.

In ancase, if you’re online and want to add me; DanielPrimed is the screen name for both services. I have a head set too and would love to play/talk games with you.