I’ll See You Soon

January 6th, 2009

Hello Readers,

I’m aware of the massive inconsistencies in my posting schedule of late and feel significantly bothered by it everytime I load up my browser. My life over in Shanghai has been consistently pack to the rafters everyday and when I am not studying or going out, I am trying to recover from what seems like an eternal state of exhaustion.

If this all sounds like terrible news to you then don’t let it be. I’ve been learning so very much from my experience away. I feel consistently bogged down in language, cultural differences and personal development that its an effort for my brain to compress it all. Of course, I plan on writing much more about what I have learnt in my two blogs in due time.

It is true, I do have the time and perhaps energy to continue producing articles but currently my head is in the wrong mindset for writing. At he moment, English runs secondary to Chinese in language of choice, combine this with the cold chill of a Chinese winter and the treadmill of everyday foreign life and I would rather conserve my time for rest than attempt to put it to work in my muddled state.

Perhaps the most painful part of all this drama is that I feel as though I’ve finally hit my stride but haven’t had the time to apply it. Most of my time writing here has been a process of evolution; trying to find my respective path. Having been separated from my regulated 2/3 day schedule, I have finally clicked and over the past few months I have mentally formulated a new(ish), more evolved direction of where I was heading.

It’s with this that I am much anticipating my return to regular writing. For the meantime though, I have about 10 days before I arrive back home to the comfortable land of summer. So basically the off period will continue for another short stretch until I get home and began putting bricks to cement again. Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience. If you hadn’t caught on I also use Twitter which should provide a bit more insight.