Fun for Five Minutes: Crash Commando

December 12th, 2008

Obviously life over here in Shanghai is consuming my time by the bowl fulls. I do have the intention of keeping this place as regularly updated as possible, but given the circumstances I’m not sure how much more toothpaste I can squeeze out the tube. In anycase, I have a terrible cold at the moment which has opened up the opportunity for a few days downtime admits the Christmas rush. As such I want to jump back into things with an almost PR-worthy piece plugging this awesome trailer that I just watched. Losing my credibility? Nah, not yet.

Okay, so that trailer I just saw was for Crash Commando for the Playstation Network. You might recall hearing about it last E3, it’s very much like a high definition Contra, with characters the size of ants and microscopic laser sights. It looks like a neat, inspired offering with a few new generation assets included

The trailer – while cliché in parts – is admittedly pretty cute. It takes the ethos surrounding its inspiration and churns out something pretty entertaining and humourous. Usually these intentionally over-the-top rips at flamboyant humour grow quite tiring, but this one made me giggle. I think it’s because the writing is probably better than most and not so jerky.

I honestly don’t believe that Crash Commando will be a particularly brilliant title, but hey that’s my engrossing for five minutes. I’ll try to get myself to write something more wholesome over the weekend. Likely something related to Quake, which I finished a few weeks ago.