Tamer: The Original Xbox Mascot?

November 30th, 2008

I was looking through some old media on my computer some time ago and I came across these images from back in 2000 when the Xbox was first released. These are images of the first Xbox mascot, put out the same time as the original press release first announcing the console. I can’t quite remember much about what was said about the this mascot lady; even after reading through those early press releases she isn’t mentioned. The images are named Tamer, so I guess that’s her name or the name of her robot companion. In anycase, it’s interesting to look back on these. I also included a picture of the original Xbox console design, which I wish they went through with.

x shaped xbox silver

tamer and robot xbox mascot

xbox female mascot

xbox mascot tamer and robot

Yeah I know, real posts will be coming as soon as I can get around to it. Which might be a while.