Going on A Break

November 17th, 2008

It pains me to write this post, as I’ve be tying to keep the blogging boat afloat for a while but -as life would have it- I’m out of steam. I haven’t had the time to play barely anything in the past few weeks resulting in a complete empty patch of ideas. Like a lot of things over here in China, this is most baffling since I always have so much to write about.

Along with this, Chinese culture is chaffing my brain and the University has booted me out without a real explanation. Well it’s not that bad, the administration just has no idea what they are doing and as such I am left hanging in the lurch until they get their act together. Living here makes it harder to keep this place up to date, so I just need a little time, might be a few days, a week, just to get back up to scratch. Seeya in a little while.

Here is my replacement for the time being, wow, so metaphoric: