Resident Evil 5 Story Suggestions

October 21st, 2008

resident evil 5 story
While obviously I am no famed video game writer, I did have a few ideas which I think would work well with Resident Evil 5 that I decided to leave out of my previous article. Here’s what I have:

Length of Crisis

Resident Evil 4 had a great narrative for two core reasons. The first one being that it was conscious of its ‘lost in the woods’ horror pretense and hence avoided cliché while feeling fresh. Secondly was the gameplay itself. For one, Leon’s journey to reach that ‘just out of reach’ goal felt like an enduing one that left you hanging and the game paced itself perfectly making your experience feel instrumental to the narrative. Capcom also managed to enhance the complicated relationship going on between Leon and Eva which was well executed.

I’m hoping that Resident Evil 5 draws on these same techniques as they synergize the non-playable cut scenes and in game exploration. Along with this I hope they expand on these techniques. For example there is a lot of possibility for good ideas to be implemented in the village scene with the executioner boss and chainsaw man .


There was originally a bit of concern over the racial profiling of enemy characters. Capcom later confirmed that there was no bias regarding this selection, I’d be surprised if they didn’t make something out of this controversy though. The latest trailer hints at exploitation of poverty stricken countries, I think that Capcom should try to make use out of this potential to write a meaningful narrative.

Some guesses

Along with those ideas, I just wanted to add a some suggestions at clues in the last trailer. You may have noticed the Tricell logos, I’m going to chalk them up as a combination of the T-Virus, T-Veronica Virus and Las Plagas; the previous viruses in the series. I suspect that Wesker is working with this terrorist organization in which there is the guy with the bird like mask, the exotic, open chested lady and the “fireworks show” maniac.

Also at the end of the extended trailer there is the gravestone of Jill Valentine. I guess she could be related to the eyes of the person in the incubation tank at the end of another trailer from last year. I also get the feeling that she is probably some sort of virus infected monster since Wesker says “but now that your partner has arrived, I’ll leave you two to catch up” . This kinda hints at it a little right?