It’s the Way It’s Always Been….And the Way it Will Remain

September 16th, 2008

Hey Guys, I’m just posting a quick heads up to let all of you beautiful people know that I am currently in the process of moving house over here in Shanghai. I’ve been caught in a jam for the past three weeks and can’t wait to move out of where I am now.

Where I will move to is closer to my campus and the Shanghai CBD, it’s also nearby some of my friend’s friends who have already befriended me into their group (they really are such lovely people). With this I will be applying for wireless internet so I’m not sure how long it’ll be between posts. I will be living with the landlord -sorry, landlady’s – son, the landlady is pretty eccentric but assured me that she will apply for it as soon as I give the word. Whatever the case, I’m sure that things will be hasty in sorting themselves out. If not, know that I will return to my chair as soon as possible.

Oh and yes, I do have some material written up about games over here in China. I’ve had it finished for about 2 weeks now but haven’t managed to post it yet. So expect that soon. All the best, I’ll be back shortly.

  • Sounds like you’re in the middle of an adventure. Let me know when you collect 200 Rupees, or reach your next level… whichever comes first.