I Was Born in a Cross-Fire Hurricane

September 14th, 2008

Those are the very words that drive fear into every man’s heart unfortunate enough to encounter the wraith of ‘Jumping Jack Flash’.

I usually try and steer clear of bold claims regarding my skills at playing video games. I play for fun and quite often challenge so there is really no need for it. Sometimes though, we all need to prove our worth and laud in our own greatness. Particularly for me – running this blog, it is my job to instill faith into you readers, to give you the confidence in my place as a writer and knowledgeable commentator (not that I am either of the two). In this case, illusion is an easy solution but, no not this time.

I snapped this picture of my high score of Elite Beat Agent’s final song: Jumping Jack Flash on the hardest difficulty with the Elite Beat Divas filling in for the much loved agents. I could return to the game and get a perfect run quite easily as the two mistakes made were caused due to improvising the final part of the song but no, I can’t, this game is too much. I filmed this with the family digital camera but unfortunately it only saves in .mov and Windows XP video editing software doesn’t like .mov.

elite beat divas

What do you say now? Credible? ^_^