Visual Connection – Inside Out Game Covers

August 30th, 2008

I’ve always admired Sony, not just Sony Computer Entertainment but Sony as a worldwide manufacture of electronics. For a few years I worked in retail selling electrical goods and built up that wider interest in Sony products which grew from the premium nature of the brand. I have a Sony DSLR camera and a pair of Sony headphones both have faithfully delivered good quality.

They say that with a ‘premium’ brand it’s all the little things combined which improve the quality of the product and demand the premium price. I like to think of the following as an example of that. I noticed that some of my PSP and PS3 games have artwork on the back of the front cover (that’s on the same piece of paper, in the inside). Take a look at what I mean:

playstation inside out cover

Neat isn’t it? While only a few games have the inside artwork, I’d like to think that as games move forwards companies can continue to deliver on these subtle advantages.