What’s with all the Hating on E3?

July 20th, 2008

madworldI’m very disappointed with this year’s E3 and unlike the majority of press and enthusiasts alike it has nothing to do with the convention itself. I’ve been greatly let down to read the overall negative toned commentary put out in the media and community. What really bothers me most of all though is the comment that the conferences were boring.

While I understand that E3’s is, of course, not the show that it use to be, I fail to agree with the idea that it was in any way boring. I personally got something out of each of the conferences and they all excited me in different ways with uniquely interesting software. While by no means earth shattering, they were all closer to success than failure. I can understand people being disappointed by the Nintendo conference due to the bullshit rumour mill, given steam by so many of the press. The typically “hip to be over critical” factor is probably at work here too but even with these in place, the level of pessimism is unfortunately off the charts, much to my dismay.

Much more commentary will be pouring out over the next week (ready for your “Best of E3” propaganda?) so maybe that will bring this confusion to light. Anyways finding professional opinions (let alone opinions from the press at all) in this industry is like getting blood out of a stone.

How did you guys find the show?