Three Steps to Success: Summary

July 6th, 2008

With these topics discussed it’s time for me to tease out some conclusions. Basically I wrote the past three articles to analyze what I see as our most significant issues holding our industry back from going to the next step. These are by no means guaranteed solutions but rather a few suggestions of my own that I think if adopted will do some good.

gordan freemanImplications with Classification of Hardcore and Casual

When using the terms hardcore and casual in reference to games we need to ensure that we recognize that they are just loose terms to roughly describe a set of games or players. Caution needs to be taken to not use them in a polarizing or overly definitive manner.

Fanboys and How to Deal With Them

The only way in which we can defeat fanboys is to embrace them and take on board their enthusiasm. Attempting to prove their interests invalid is unfair and not the kind of culture that we should be encouraging. Players should not feel pressured by others if they have a strong interest in a particular game, console, company or brand.

Game Reviews: Critique, Subjectivity and a 10 Point Scale

The checkbox way of analyzing games has to go, in favour of describing your personal reaction to the experiences within the game through critique. Subjectivity, much like fanboys should be embraced and we need to reform to a 10 point scale in order to alleviate ourselves of the petty arguments generated over a bloated grading system.

  • Regarding “hardcore” and “casual”: if you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend Mitch Krpata’s A New Taxonomy of Gamers series. There are some great ideas in there for new classification schemes.

  • Thanks Dan, I will definetly take a look. ^_^

  • This makes so much sense – you have a clear view of some complex issues. I’m really looking forward to reading more.

    I completely agree with your stance on subjectivity.

  • I’m glad that you like what I wrote Stuart. Even though I wanted to conclude my thoughts on some of these issues, I have a feeling that I will be raising them again in the not to distant future.