Not Quite the Anniversary

July 10th, 2008

super mario bros 3
super mario bros 3

It would be convenient for me to crown today as being the first anniversary of my venture into the realm of video game blogging, unfortunately that would be far too easy considering that my step into the gaming blogosphere was quite the slow, transitional one.

A Bit of a History Lesson…

You’ll notice that on the 23rd of November last year I posted up an article titled “Welcome to The Gaming Blog” which if you did notice probably begs numerous questions. You see, for the past 4 years I have been merrily blogging away in my personal blog which I fittingly dubbed PrimeScape. Around February of last year I created a new site to house Primescape with a WordPress CMS and gave it the address

It was a few months later that I began slowly shifting my efforts towards video game writing, sticking everything on PrimeScape until I eventually decided that I’d be best if I separate the blog into two; one personal and one gaming, so back last Novemeber I did just that. Since then my focus has been firmly set on improving my video game flavoured writing.

Quick Flick Through the Album

Naturally this past year of blogging has been a challenge. It’s been an uphill battle between my dedication as a gamer with something to say and my inability to fluently translate that something into words. Behind the soft blues and not too saturated to be grey whites the journey to find my feet and on those feet stand has been a struggle. I consider myself as someone who has never been well versed in professional or at least entertaining writing and while the content might seem fair on the outside, it’s taken a lot of screen staring, proof reading, re-writing and research to get to the somewhat lustrous level that it is now. I’m not sure if it comes across but I do try really hard to make everything with my rubber stamp on it to be as good as it can.

Thankfully though, amongst the struggle I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a great community of gamer’s who genuinely care about the medium, where it’s heading and also pipsqueaks like me trying to cut a slice of the blogging pie. You know, before I started blogging about games I’d never read a games blog before. I didn’t know where to start, where to even find them! All I wanted was a platform to share my thoughts on games. It’s been through these people, their blogs and support that I have been able to become better accquanted with what exactly it is I’ve been wishing to say. I feel like I’ve my words now, so thanks for that.

A Few Ideas for the Future

Where to from here? The same route as I’m currently on, I suppose. My writing still needs massive improvement so I’ll be investing most of my time on that. I need to tighten up my articles and show you guys a little bit of mercy with the bloated length of my work. I’m also trying to bolstering my writing vocabulary, improving my general punctuation and finally creating a much more distinct voice. Hopefully these will become noticeable changes over time. Thanks again.

  • Happy “Not-Quite” blogging Birthday Daniel. Keep up the good work, always an interesting read.

  • I’m a bit late here, but grats on the sorta-birthday! Definitely keep up the good work. =D