Link Out (7/7/08)

July 7th, 2008

oddworld post card

The slighter longer time window between this and the previous Link Out has provided me with the opportunity to build up a slightly more varied and grounded set of links this month (or perhaps last month). In this time I have also embarked on another quest to seek out other like minded blogs (which takes a considerable amount of time, mind you). I would have gone through about 50-60 unfamiliar blogs in order to add the best ones to my feed list (with the rest on bookmarks). So I hope to share some articles from those blogs as well.

Of course, if you have any of your own suggestions for the next segment or just want to drop by a question then hit me up via this page.


Jeremy Parish from 1Up and host of Retronauts explains the issues surrounding EGM’s review of Metal Gear Solid 4 and the conflicts with Konami’s non-disclosure agreements. Supposively there is even a flash game set around this incident as well, ‘Escape from Konami’ or something like that.

Rock Band Best for Motley Crue

In a win for video games, rock band Motley Crue’s latest single “Saints of Los Angeles” which was released for download on Rock Band (the game that is) has sold 5x more as a downloadable song on RockBand compared to other digital distribution services (iTunes and Amazon).

OddWorld 5 in Development

As someone who casually delves in design (ie. the site design of this rather important site) I often pull apart media and critically assess how it was created. You know, to make me feel competent in design. OddWorld among other media is something that I have never understood in this regard. The OddWorld games just ooze an unsurmountable amount of creative diversity and pure talent. Simply put; you could never dream up such a world (universe rather) like OddWorld.

Not a lot of details to be said here other than don’t expect it too soon.

Prince of Persia Wallpaper Blowout

This new Prince of Persia looks phenomenally reminiscent of the majesty and craftsmenship of the original PoP games. I cannot wait to return to Arabia and familiarize myself with this naturally illustrated world. In the meantime though these wallpapers work a treat.

The Shootout Over Hidden Meanings in a Video Game

Several of us bloggers always laud mass media outlets when they put out articles which critically assess important happenings within our industry. This for us is so, so very important because it represents a success in the slow evolution for gaming journalism. Games writing needs to improve and the more articles like this we see, the better for us all. BTW it’s about MGS4, no surprise, har har har!

Articles Relating to Video Game Blogging and Bloggers

On the topic of games journalism there have been two very pleasing articles put up on GameSetWatch regarding blogging and games journalism. ‘Why We Write About Games’ by Chris Plante talks about his experience with game blogging and why it is important. In another article, Michael Walbridge interviews several of the most significant gaming bloggers (yeah I know, I was dissapointed not to have been contacted [/bad, self indulgent joke]). His results conclude the general yearning of change among bloggers. Both articles are essential reads.

iPhone as a Reputable Handheld console

My brother (who studies software engineering) attended a workshop which ran through the iPhone’s feature set and programming capabilities, now While the iPhone is yet to see an Australian release, this undoubtedly piqued my attention. Infact there is a lot of good stuff to be said about the console , particularly from developers like Sega and Maxis (it’s Maxis right?) who have been delivering high praise on the system ease of development.

There seems to be a complete disregard for mobile phone games including the iPhone within the gaming community. I’m not sure why this is though as there is definitely profits to be made in the mobile phone gaming market. The articles linked to discuss the potential of the iPhone.

Other Links

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  • Max

    I feel the need to point out that the next ‘Oddworld’ game Jeff Braun is referring to has not been confirmed as taking place on Oddworld. It could be part of Oddworld Inhabitants’ new series Citizen Siege, for which at least two games are planned. Also, it likely won’t be developed by Maxis. Braun left Maxis in 1999.

  • Ah okay, thanks for letting me know.