Three Steps to Success: Introduction

June 27th, 2008

Several times already I have attempted to pull apart and logically analyze various issues of interest regarding the evolutionary growth of our medium (video games). In the majority of cases though this has resulted in some awkward, inconclusive answers. While many of my ideas come inspired from favourite bloggers of mine, I always seem to draw blanks when it comes to logically grounding my ideas.

After some further thought and collaborative thinking with others I finally think that I have it packed down. So I would like to put forth my ideas in a new “mini series” of posts, sorting out one issue after the other.

As I said in this post; I feel that the video game industry is currently moving through very prosperous times. Yet despite our success, more needs to be done to main and extend this golden age into the coming decades.

For us to become fully recognized and taken seriously by mainstream global media . To get there we don’t just need to change, we need to reform and remodel our opinions towards crucial themes and issues holding us back. This selection of posts intends to break down those issues and suggest some conclusions which we can adopt. Here is the list and order of posts:

Implications with Classification of Hardcore and Casual
Fanboys and How to Deal With Them
Game Reviews: Critique, Subjectivity and a 10 Point Scale