One Last Theory Before Metal Gear Solid 4 Hits

June 9th, 2008

I know that I vowed to put any Metal Gear theories aside before the release of MGS4 but in the past few days something clicked and so I want to share it.


What has clicked is the identity of the Patriots. If you have played through Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops then the identity of the Patriots, or at least the people that had founded them at a particular stage is quite obvious. You find this out after the credits roll through. It is Ocelot, Big Boss and the person with the same code name as Null.

This is common knowledge among MGS enthusiests. What is of great mystery though is the person with the same code name as Null. This person appears to be the mastermind behind the Patriot uprising (as they controlled Ocelot during MGS PO) and are as such the figurehead out of the three participants. Further more it makes sense for this person to have retained their role and to have had continued control over the other Metal Gear games.

So the identity of this person with the same code name as Null is of great interest among fans. I think that I have cracked it though.

Let’s think of Null for a second, Null is Ninja/Frank Jaegar/Grey Fox andhas been a staple character throughout the series. In Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops he is given the code name; The Perfect Soldier. So whoever this person is they share the name “The Perfect Soldier”. So who else could this be bar the The Boss; Naked Snake’s mentor and maternal figure.

There is another piece of evidence that supports this theory which is also in the conclusion to MGS Portable Ops. Before Ocelot murders the DCI he says a few words of great interest, most importantly he says:

“Then we’ll take back what you (The Philosophers) stole from us. We will carry on the spirirt of the true patriot. It’s all part of our plan to make the world she envisioned a reality.”

The world she envisioned? This is all about The Boss or so it seems. At that point in the game there is no other female character with a role as significant as The Boss. It seems unlikely to be Para medic either.

Whatever Ocelot is refering to at the start of the quote remains to be known. It alludes to even more of a history between the Patriots and The Philosophers. Even though my theory makes sense, I suspect that it will quickly be proved invalid when MGS4 shines light on the true happenings within the series. Not too long now.