Heavy Metal Blues

June 1st, 2008

In a previous article where I was sharing my thoughts on a few gaming sites I mentioned that Kombo had a feature that I wanted to talk about later on. Well now it’s time to discuss it.

Probably since the start of this year I have bene working on piecing together a series of posts looking at the various series questions that Metal Gear Solid 4 should answer when it gets released on June 12th. I had been tirelessly doing my research on this for months investing tens of hours into the project while getting little writing done.


What I realized was that where the series currently stands there are just too many unknown factors for me to piece together a coherent articles. Also when it comes to clarification on certain issues such as the relationship between Ocelot and Solidus Snake at Shadows Moses descriptions are quite vague which opens a lot to interpretation.

old snake vs frogs

So in the end it just became way too hard and I didn’t want to gloss over and make unrealistic assumptions on various plot points.

Fortunately Nick Michetti over at Kombo has been writing a feature titled: Heavy Metal. This feature puts various questions and plot points under the microscope to make a bit of sense of it all. There are already 7 installments of this series and overall it is quite good. I have noticed a few minor errors but it’s nothing that I wouldn’t have made myself.

So if you are interested in such speculation then I recommend that you take a look at the feature I never could write myself:

Heavy Metal Features #1-7

Of course, if you too need your own refresher then hopefully the following videos could be of some assistance:

Metal Gear 2 Ending

Metal Gear Solid Ending

MGS2 – Who are the Patriots (#1-#8)

Metal Gear Solid 3 Ending

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Ending