Got the Game, Missing the Console…

June 11th, 2008

Today is June 11th and I was fortunate enough to procure a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 before the June 12th Worldwide release (for the record that is 1.5 days infront of you Americans [/gloat]).

To conclude my previous article highlighting the terrible communication that Australia has seen regarding release bundles. I managed to get a copy of the Bonus DVD (Special Edition) and I think that it is likely that this version will be distributed at most places, there is also a console bundle as suspected, it costs $AUD749 and contains the console and game. Unfortunately only a standard Six Axis controller is included and not a Dual Shock 3. I will get onto the PS3 grumbling later.

In anycase, I bought my game and unfortunately the store had no Playstation 3 consoles in stock. So I just went to the store next door and asked them, recieiving the same response. Turns out there is a severe Playstation 3 shortage in my state and quite likely the rest of Australia. “Oh noez!” I cry on finding that 5 or 6 retailers later they are all fresh out. So I am sitting here writing this article at home, with the game in hand and not a console to play it on.

Fear not, most of these retailers are receiving/already have a fresh batch of Playstation 3s ready to sell….but guess what? They are all bundled with MGS4! If I want a standard PS3 then chances are I will have to wait for the next predicted shipment in a few weeks, now this is just pathetic isn’t it?

Whats a guy to do? My plan for tommorow is to ring up one store out of town (well basically in town) which supposively has 1 console left ( I didn’t get the time to further investigate today) to see if my luck will bend. If not, I will have to buy the bundle like everyone else and sell the extra copy. Now, remind me, what is it that they say about early birds?

metal gear solid 4 raiden vamp

You’ll need to perform these kinds of acrobatics to pick up a PS3 in South Australia

I’m not too fussed though as I woud have only managed a few hours of game in tonight in anycase. It just feels good knowing that I have 1up’d you Americans. It sounds sad, doesn’t it? But I feel imensely proud that for once I haven’t been completely left in the dark (well actually I have…but don’t you spoil my fun!).

Since I should be able to play the game tommorow, I intend to spend the following couple of days playing through MGS4 throughly from start to finish. Even though I could rush my way through this game to find the answers to my questions I refuse to. I want to take this game bite by bite, I want to make this my stealthiest play through yet. If you will be joining me in playing this game then I advise that you do the same. Be sure to answer the new site poll as well (zing!).

What am I trying to say with this ludacris story and fanboy ramblings? Well…this all means that I will be taking a short blogging (and life) vacation fo the next few days. So in the meantime I have collated this list of Metal Gear related articles that I recommend you read. Expect me back in maybe 4/5 days with a full write up with (hopefully spoiler-less) impressions and critique. I think that I’ll have a mouthful to say for this one.

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