Few Tweaks and a Re-Focused Outlook

June 25th, 2008

Another brief status report coming your way. You may have noticed a few changes that I have made to the site, here is a punchy, dotpoint outline:

feel the magic silhouetteNew Slew of Content Spotlight articles
Removed Sexiest People in Games
Removed Retro Review
Removed Images that Defined Video Games
Added Visual Connection
Added Journals
Removed BlogRush Widget
Added Twitter Feed

Basically I felt that the removed features didn’t match where I want to go with the site. The Retro Review was originally intended to be an overview of older titles but I think that this ultimately fails when A) I’d rather critique then write a technical account B) There are already sites like Wikipedia, MobyGames and HardcoreGaming101 which do this already and do it better.

Despite Googles favouritism towards it, I don’t wish to continue the Sexiest People in Games feature. Once again it is a bit like me pretending to be biopic/Wikipedia role doesn’t really fit me. I do like the idea of Visual Connection though as it is a way for me to congregate those largely image dominated articles together. Journals as stated last time is a platform for me to attempt (read: struggle) to write something of an academic nature.

I have also kindly taken up Twitter in the past month and now it is a part of this site. Yay! If you haven’t caught on yet (don’t worry I was pretty slow with this one too) Twitter is a new interactive site where you post what you are doing in 140 words and less and people “tweet” back and forth. This is a great way for you to stalk me, alas, stalk away!

I also removed that BlogRush rubbish which is 100% useless trash for self conscious web entrepreneurs, just to let you know. ^_^

300 words in and I have already lied about this being brief. No matter it makes an adequate enough segue. I know that the last couple of articles have been colossus in size, while I enjoy writing to such length I would like to condense and concentrate the majority of future articles so that it makes everything a bit easier to digest on your end. That doesn’t mean I will quit the lengthy article because I love them dearly, rather as the title pokes at, I just want to re-focus and concentrate my efforts. Thank you.