DP’s Gaming Wallpapers

April 30th, 2008

Oh boy, this is somewhat embarrasing. As mentioned in the previous post I am interested in graphic design and also photography, you can find some of my work on my deviantART page and on my flickr account. Many years ago I created a few video game based wallpapers when my design skills weren’t too crash hot. Even though it is painful looking at these pieces now, some of them, the more recent ones (2 years ago) aren’t too bad. Since I don’t have anywhere to upload these wallpapers to, I thought that I could make this site their last resting place. So below are the wallpapers that I am talking about. Also I apologise for scrolling on the main page, WordPress’ awful formatting has my hands tied. 🙁

You will find that some of them are tagged, I should explain this. Firstly Raven is an old screen name *giggles*, some of the wallpapers were volunteraly made for the Advanced Media Network, a site in which I use to post at quite a bit (the forum that is) and Nexus and Ravens Domain is something of a portfolio site with work from myself and my twin brother. Anyways, I think that the majority of these wallpapers are quite crude but if you like them then…yeah, let me know. Click the titles for a full view.

Advanced Media Network Wallpaper – 1024×768

advanced media network wallpaper

Bowser Sprite – 1024×768

bowser sprite wallpaper

Day of Disaster – 1280×1024

day of disaster nintendo wii wallpaper

Fierce Deity 2006 – 1600×1200

fierce deity 2006 wallpaper zelda

Gamecube Advanced – 1024×768

gamecube advanced wallpaper

Kirby – 1280X1024

kirby nintendo wallpaper

Lost in Blue – 1600×1200

lost in blue konami wallpaper

Super Mario 64 DS – 1024×768

super mario 64 ds wallpaper

Mario Kart DS – 1600×1200

mario kart ds wallpaper

Playstation Portable – 1600×1200

playstation portable psp desktop wallpaper

Paper Mario 1024×768

paper mario wallpaper

Paper Mario #2 1024×768

paper mario wallpaper

Paper Mario Dragon – 1600×1200

paper mario wallpaper

Pokemon – 1024×768

pokemon wallpaper

Raven (Fire Emblem) – 1600×1200

raven fire emblem wallpaper

Super Mario – 1024×768

super mario wallpaper sprite

Wario Ware – 1600×1200

wario ware wallpaper

Winona (Pokemon) – 1024×768

winona pokemon wallpaper

Zelda – 1280×1024

zelda phanton hourglass wallpaper

Zelda #2 – 1024×768

zelda twlight princess wallpaper

Zelda #3 – 1024×768

zelda twlight princess wallpaper

  • Dude, those are awesome! I especially liked the Bowser and Mario ones. Good work !=D

  • Wow! Those look great, I think you should definitely do some more of these!

    If you should end up doing some more (which I’d definitely use in my 1hr wallpaper changer), could I request that there’s some 1920×1200 versions please?


  • Thanks guys. I’m not sure if I will do anymore of these, at least anytime soon. The last wallpaper in this set (Fierce Deity) was made 2 years ago. Lately I am more focused on photography as my creative outlet and of course this blog.

    I always try to create the highest resolution wallpapers possible, it comes down to the size of the renders used. It isn’t too hard getting your hands of print sized media nowadays though so yeah I could do some HD sized wallpapers.

  • Taylor

    Oh man I remember these, brings back memories. How’d you get that really cool background on the Raven desktop?

  • Filters, brushes and blending. Doesn’t take very much skill. 🙂

  • Love the Mario ones! Way cool!

  • Cool collection. One time we will integrate some of your perfect stuff in our galleries. 😉

    Really nice! Congrats!!!