Need Some Content Feedback

March 25th, 2008

super mario bros 3 mario shellLately I have been pondering over the direction in which I would like to take this blog in the future and about how I can further advance my writing while staying open and accessible to casual readers. You can read some of these thoughts here. To aid my thinking I have decided to do a bit of market research and find out what sort of content you, my audience prefer.

I have created a new site poll which you can find on the right hand menu which asks the question.

What Sort of Content Would You Prefer to See on the Site?

I have selected fou of the most popular posting categories in the video game blogging niche, that is:

  1. Video Game Design – analysis of video game design techniques
  2. Industry Coverage – information and observations on the happens within the gaming industry
  3. Video Game Critique – impressions and reviews of video games
  4. Software Discussion – history lessons, observations and general discussion on software

I haven’t actually posted very much on video game design yet, it is an itch that I am currently scratching and you’ll see the result of that soon.

So help me out and let me know what you most enjoy reading on the site. I am also very happy to hear any general critique be it good or bad.

  • Given that my particular bent is critical analysis of game design, I’d like to see more of that!

  • Awesome, there should be more of that in the coming weeks.

  • I agree. Most of the other ones you listed are covered enough by others.