Link Out (12/2/08)

February 11th, 2008

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Its been over a month since my last Link Out. I might try and make this segment a monthly segment as it will allow me to build up a stronger list of better links. For those who have just joined us in the past month, this segment is where I share the love and post up links to my favourite, recent articles circulating the internet. Think of it as a form of supplementary readings with my tick of recommendation.

I think that I have found a great assortment this month. Here we go:

The Rad Project

I linked to this site in my Totally Rad Retro Video Review but I want to mention it again. This site basically compares the difference between the NES gameTotally Rad and it’s original Japanese version; Magic John. Magic John was ‘Amercanized’ for its western release, so its interesting to draw the comparisons.

The Best Old-School Games of 2007 – Retro Gaming with RacketBoy

RacketBoy looks over this user selected list of the best retro games of 2007. It reminds me of what a great year 2007 was for games be it new, old, remade or compilated. Theres also a number of those fan service games from 2007 that I was talking about previously.

Wrecking Crew Retro Review – The BBPS

I was planning on doing a retro review on this game a while ago. But I don’t think that I will now, I’ve already shared my thoughts on the game and will be covering it in other ways in future. So in it’s place, I post this link.

Turok 2 Retro Review – VideoGames Blogger

Another game that Matty Jay and I wanted to put up for review. Well you can basically scrap that idea as astrotriforce from Video Games Blogger posted up this downright excellent review of the game. It covers everything that I wish I had time to write about. Excellent review.

Metal Slug Not Really in HD – 8 Bit Joystick

Yeah, some of these links are pretty old, I remember reading this one ages ago. Still a good read on something that I was unsure about

The Simpsons Game Cutscenes – Siliconera

Like a lot of people I’m not interested in forking out full price to buy The Simpsons Game just to wade through some meh gameplay to get to the cutscenes. Luckily Siliconera found someone whom has kindy ripped the cutscenes from the game.

The Wii’s Success: It’s time for developers to put up or shut up – Infendo

One of the best, hard hitting articles that I have read for some time. Really lays the smack down on whinging third parties. There’s a couple of minor points in the article that I do disagree with but overall Infendo nail this one.

Seven Ways to Make Money Gaming

I love games and I need money to keep that love alive. Fortunately I can combine the two. Keira from Write the Game runs thru seven of the best ways to make the cash.

Earthbound Calendar Is A Ness-essity – Press the Buttons

Even though Nintendo still continue to withhold the EarthBound series from us singlet wearing Australians, I still have a distant love for Earthbound (ah yes, ‘scratch and sniff’). Matty G posted up some great calender images based on the series. I originally wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, as the lame pun in the title was giving me second thoughts. ^_^

  • I debated on posting about the calendar on my own site, but once I came up with the pun I knew I had to do it.