A Few Fixes

February 6th, 2008

metal gear rex

Hey guys, I’ve made a few quick site fixes in the past few days that I want to quickly point out. If you want you can try and seek them out yourself otherwise here is the list below:

I’m sure a lot of you will e pleased about the darkened font colour. If its still not dark eough for the brighter monitors thenlet me know.

I decided to change the name of the blog as ‘the gaming blog of Daniel Primed’ sounds pretty anal actually. Where as Daniel Primed’s Gamer Blog has more punch to it and the gamer part also stresses that I write for you guys; the gamers.

I’m not sure about my current tagline: “Video Gaming Awesomeness”. Its cool but will probably be changed once I can think of something that sounds better. I’d like to include a Monkey Island quote but I don’t think that everyone would get it. So I’m looking for suggestions, if you have any then leave me a comment and I’ll use my favourite one.

  • Good job doing man
    keep going on like this
    ur on the right road