DP’s Retro Gaming Compilation Wishlist

January 17th, 2008

retro gaming compilation

If you own a farily new video game console and love retro gaming then chances are you’ve indulged in at least one of the many old school gaming compilations that have hit the consoles in recent years. There really has been an impressive slew of titles. Some of the best include:

As well as a never ending slew of arcade compilations by Midway, Capcom, Namco and other developers from the 80s. The compilations just never seem to stop.

Why Retro Compilations?

Retro game compilations took off a few years back and became hugely popular in a short matter of time. Its no surprise really as they:

What Could Stop the Greatness Retro Compilations?

There is only one thing getting in the way of retro compilations becoming even more popular, that is digital distribution games. Every next generation current generation home console has a service where individual retro games can be downloaded from an online store. Because gamers buy each game individually game publishers can ramp up the price and get away with it. So far developers seem to support both options which is the best outcome for the consumers as it gives us more choice.

DP’s Retro Compilation Wishlist

There is no denying that there are plenty of great Retro Compilation games that I could (and after this) will dream up. But more importantly, I want to see some already existing compilations be released in PAL regions. Now I know that this isn’t going to happen as many of these games came out years ago. But thats why its a wishlist right?

PAL Wishlist

Its absolutely ridiculous that Capcom won’t bring these games out into PAL territories. We ‘ve got Street Fighter Alpha Anthology so it makes no sense for them not to release Street Fighter Anniversary Collection . What this means is that the only legal means that anyone canryu street fighter play a PAL version of Street Fighter III in PAL territories (the UK, Australia and New Zealand) is to either play it on a Dreamcast or in the Arcades. So lets see, the Dreamcast is extinct and the price of playing in the arcades is 10x the price that it was fifteen years ago (and then you need to find the actual machine). This is just ridiculous.

As for DarkStalkers and Megaman well they also should make the jump, its just common sense.

I’d also like to know what happened to Ninja Gaiden Trilogy. I’m not sure if this had a PAL release or not but I can’t find a PAL version of the game so I assume that it didn’t.

General Wishlist

Sega Saturn/Dreamcast Collection

Sega Megadrive Collection was an absolutely awesome compilation of Sega’s brightest titles for the Megadrive. With 27 top titles and only a few duds, this was essential gaming. So, if Sega can make a compilation for the Megadrive then why not the Saturn and Dreamcast as well? Sega have already proven to us that they like to re-release their old games. For example the re-release of Nights for the PS2 in Japan, Crazy Taxi 1 + 2 on the PSP, Sonic Adventure 1 + 2 on the Gamecube and now House of the Dead for the Wii. So you get my drift. With the massive size of a Blu-ray disc and Sega’s obsession of re-releasing old content it all makes sense.

Any Sort of Nintendo Compilation

Something which doesn’t make any sense is Nintendo making any sort of game compilation. The last decent compilation that they made was Super Mario All Stars on the SNES (Game and Watch Galleries don’t count). Remember how awesome this game was? Such value for money. Its a pity that the Virtual Console and the stacks of dough they can make from the GBA/DS re-releases practically ensure that we will never see a Nintendo game compilation ever again.

Just for the sake of it a Mario/Metroid/Zelda compilation would obviously be fantastic. But what I think would even better is a compilation of all of the Japanese Nintendo Wars and Fire Emblem games that never saw a release out side of Japan. This would be an absolute dream for the fans of both game series.

TMNT Collection
tmnt group
TMNT are awesome and furthermore their video games were some of the best licensed games ever made. Some sort of compilation of all the great TMNT games like Turtles in Time, The Arcade and Tournament Fighters would be absolutely sweet. Most of these games go for ridiculous prices on eBay or are just too hard to find.

Theres only one problem with this dream. It would take multiple game publishers to team up in order to get this compilation out on the shelves. There are far too many implications for this to be worth the effort for publishers.


Theres a few more ideas that I have for the wishlist but I can’t write much about them so heres a list:


So after reading this you probably have a few ideas of your own compilations that you’d like to see be released (well, you must because I could go on for days ^_^). So go ahead and let me know by posting in the comment box.

  • Excellent list 🙂
    I never thought of the Dreamcast / Saturn collection thing. As much as I love the original machines, it would be great to have a “greatest hits” collection ported to a newer machine. that will be the day 🙂

  • Hey RacketBoy thanks for dropping by. ^_^

    Yeah I don’t think that we’ll see any of those compilations come to fruitation. Its a pity though as they’d be totally awesome.

  • I’m still waiting for a Wario Land compilation. Something tells me that I’ll be waiting a long time.

  • Growing up the Wario/Mario Land games were some of my favourite games. That would have made a great compilation.

    Although Its not very often that you see compilations of portable games. 🙁

  • I think your forgetting the Zelda compilation that was released for the Gamecube. You got a Zelda compilation for free when sending in two barcodes to Nintendo Australia. The compilation contained Zelda 1, 2, OoT, MM and a demo of Wind Waker. You should know about that one since we have it. Nintendo also did the OoT and OoT Master Quest bonus disc with Zelda:WW. I doubt that we’d see a Wars compilation or Fire Emblem compilation since the games aren’t that in demand.

    I’d doubt Nintendo would ever let it see the light of day but I’d love to see the CDI Nintendo games.

    I think a suitable replacement for these compilation is for the PSN, Live Arcade and Virtual console stores to start offering bundles of games together for a discounted price similiar what is being offered on Steam with the id collection and Rockstar collection.

  • The CD-i games would definetly be interesting as well as some sort of Virtual Boy collection. But Nintendo basically shun these consoles so fat chance.

    Oh and the Zelda compilation doesn’t count as it was not officially for seperate resale. Although some retailers did sell it individually.

  • Supa

    Funny you should post this just as SNK announced SNK Arcade Classics: Volume 1 with 16 classics for PS2 and PSP.

  • Hah, I almost totally overlooked that. Thanks for pointing it out. ^_^

    Maybe this is the start?