Building the Ultimate Gaming TV Channel

January 23rd, 2008

A few weeks ago Gloria from Girls Don’t Game posted up an article titled The Rise and Fall of G4 and Gaming TV where she shared her thoughts on the lack of quality video game coverage on TV. Considering that I’m an Australian gamer and am unfamiliar with shows such as G4 and X-Play I found the article very insightful but it also got me thinking about what would make a great Gaming TV channel.

So I spent a few minutes to ponder this question while I was reading the comments that were left in the article. It wasn’t long before I had compiled a list of popular internet gaming shows and a few other ideas that could make up the TV channel. So I put all of these ideas together in a timetable to form my own program for one day of broadcasting.

So here is a break down of my fictional TV channel:

gamer tv program

Further Clarification

Most of the shows on the list are taken from some of my favourite pre-existing internet gaming shows. You can find links to all of the shows below.

Modification Show

Some of my own ideas such as the modding show and pro gaming competitions have a lot of potential for success on a television network. There is such a variety of options available for a game modification show. Ideally the show would feature a series of DIY modifications. So everything from tweaking your PSP to access more media to ripping apart consoles and putting them into other devices. There are plenty of possibilities. I think that a show like this would work well in a Tekzilla like template with reader questions etc.

Pro Gaming Competitions

Another show with plenty of possibilities infact so much so that the ESPN has recently tapped into pro gaming. With gaming competitions regularly occurring worldwide every week there is never any shortage of content. Also with the rise of gaming commentating and shout casting quality presenters are never too far away.

Late Night Time Advertisements and Trailers

Basically once the majority of viewers go the bed the network could just run game trailers and advertisements in order to real in their income.

Further Possibilities

There are loads of other internet shows and reader videos that could be tapped into for a video game TV station. The timetable that I made up is just an example of shows and ideas that I am familiar with. If you there is anything that I’m missing then please let me know via the comment box.

Internet Shows

1up Show
Mega 64
Bonus Round
Zero Punctuation
Game Head
Red Vs Blue
Pure Pwnage

  • It doesn’t help G4 that they just have so much NON gaming programming.

  • The biggest problem with this idea is that currently there is realistically not enough content, at least on the web to justify a gaming channel. The demand for such a channel is very little relative to other channels. This idea could work with tech/computer/games channel but I believe that video game shows don’t benefit from the channel structure. The internet is a better suited medium for such shows because it is more on demand that other services.

  • Did you guys ever get Martin Sargent in Australia? He had a great late-night talk show that was on G4 for a while. Not strictly video game centric, but he would be a good addition nonetheless ^_^

  • Tom

    You forgot CTRL-ALT-DELETE the series ^^

  • How could you forget that Dan. Shame.

  • Na, I don’t think that we had Martin Sargent in Australia, Andrenis. We basically had/have nothing G4. Although it is probably on cable, I’m not sure though.

    Yeah, looks like I gotgot CTRL-ALT-DELETE. Damn, i really enjoy the comics too. Just hadn’t seen muhc on the DVDs.