Link Out (6/12/07)

December 4th, 2007

Link Out is a regular site feature where I link out to exteral content from other websites and blogs. Basically its a way of my expressing gratitude to the site owners as wlel as providing an outlet for you guys to access further interesting gaming information. So lets get down to it, shall we?

Crap-Detector: Previously-released Gears of War PC reviews – FPS Rantings

Mike from FPS Rantings has recently been reporting about issues with the recently released Gears of War for the PC. Mike has been having a tonn of problems with the port and has been sharing his experience on FPS Rantings. He has also pointed out how these issues haven’t been mentioned in review conducted by your major gaming websites. So if you are like me and are thinking about picking this game up sometime then check out the last 3 weeks worth of posts where he outlines his experiences with the game.

Music in Video Games – Girls Don’t Game

After a few weeks of inactivity Girls Don’t Game have bounced back with a series of really interesting posts all of which would be worth a mention. But I can only fit one so I selected Music in Video Games as lately I have been listening to a lot of game music lately. Monique shares some of her favourite gaming tunes and she has some great tastes.

IGN’s Top 100 

I’m not too fussed about these top 100 lists anymore but something in this one got me thinking. I’ve been doing a bit of research into the pre-1985 consoles so your Ataris, Apple II, BBC Micro etc. And what I realized through this research was actually how ground breaking Super Mario Bros (IGN’s number one pick) was.

Even though there were some ground breaking games on the pre-1985 consoles there hadn’t been anything that had real mass market, global appeal. The crash of 1983 stopped gaming almost to a halt. And then SMB was released in 1985. The thing about SMB was unlike the console titles before it, I was truly ground breaking and had mass market appeal. It not only saved gaming from the pitfalls of despair, it also defines everything right about video games and what every game should strive to be.

  • Daniel said: “So if you are like me and are thinking about picking this game “.

    I hope your aware that you’ll need a pretty meaty rig to play that game. 😛

    Daniel said: “Now I did have an Atari and still have my C64 but generally speaking beyond Monkey Island these consoles weren’t that interesting.”

    :0 What about Cannon Fodder, James Pond, Sensible Soccer, Sim City, Batman, Silkworm and Lemmings?

  • Just because I said I want to pick it up doesn’t mean that it will be in the next 2 years or so. ^_^

    Yeah that was a pretty harsh statement about the ol’ C64 and Atari. There were great games on those consoles and in the arcades at the time. My point was more so about pre-1985 consoles, I’ll go back and edit the post.

    Those games are indeed awesome but most of them came out 5 years after SMB.