GreenPeace Advertisement against Video Game Consoles

December 14th, 2007

You might have heard recently about GreenPeace and their research into the effect that video game consoles have on the environment. Basically the key factor came down to the amount of toxic elements inside the console, which can’t be recycled.

Now its all well and good for them to do some research but they recently released an advertisement trying to warn people about these toxics elements. I’m not sre what the solution is meant to be: perster the companies or don’t buy games? The advertisement contains 3D characterizations of Mario, Master Chief and Kratos making them look like a bunch of idiot bafoons (probably modelled after the people that decided to launch such an add :P). Whats up with the mushroom coming out of Mario’s ass. This (as well as other comments and actions made by the poorly made 3 models) are completely immature. Take a look to see what I mean:

Video Link 

Unfortunately I’ve had to remove the player for this trailer because Firefox can’t comply with basic web standards and abliterates the the site’s design when the player is present. Sorry.

This really is a low blow. Why can’t GreenPeace go about this in a different way and be a bit more mature about it. And its a bit too late to be complaining now anyways, why didn’t they go to the companies before they made these consoles and offer suggestions? This would actually help fix the problem much like what has been going on in the electrical industry with companies like Panasonic and Sony.

Let me know what you think.

GreenPeace Clash of the Consoles website

Via VG Blogger

  • Ugh. That was absolutely disgusting. I’d be more willing to push for “less toxic” game consoles if they didn’t, you know, /insult/ us and our gaming culture before suggesting something like that.

  • Hey dude, thanks for the heads up ^_^

    Its frustrating because they seem to believe that they are doing the right thing. Yet their add is so mistargetted.

    Interestingly if you watch near the end where they say that we should all buy the greenest console, the console on show appears the be the Xbox 360 (which according to their stats is the “greenest”).

    I’m not sure if this was intentional or not.

  • I think they probably did that just because they already spent the time making their crappy 360 model and didn’t feel like making another one to represent the truly green console.