Duke Nukem Teaser Trash

December 20th, 2007

duke nukem

If you haven’t heard there’s been a new trailer released for the long overdue Duke Nukem Forever game. You can watch it here.

Before I get started, I just want to freshen your memories of this game. Duke Nukem Forever is set to be the latest installment of the Duke Nukem franchise. This game is infamous for its long delays, you see back in 1997 this game was announced, at E3 2001 a trailer featuring in game footage was released and then a few year ago there were a few issues with switching to the Unreal engine. But now the game is hopefully on track for an actual release.

Now if you followed the link and watched the trailer, you might be thinking what I thought after I saw the trailer: “Damn, this looks kinda crap”. I just can’t get over how terrible the game looks. Now I’m no graphics whore but I do aprciate quality graphics and this game looks to have some serious issues. The whole teaser reaks of an earlier PSone FMV.

When watching the video you should keep in mind than even though its a teaser, the snippets of enemies are taken from within the game. We’ve also been told to disregard all of the other video released for Duke Nukem Forever which absolutely sucks as the E3 2001 trailer was fantastic and got me so pumped for this game. Such a pity. I guess we have the next gameplay trailer to look forward to. I seriously hope that this game lives up to its hype and can prove me wrong.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Bad ass or just pathetic?

  • I don’t know; I never saw the 2001 trailer you’re talking about, but I just know that this one didn’t really get me excited. The quick cuts were simply too quick for me to really see anything, the trailer was too short overall, didn’t provide me with a whole lot, and honestly, the one line of dialogue was just really cheesy.

    Who knows? It could go either way. You’d just think after all these years, they’d have more to show for it.

  • You’re right, they should have more to show for it. Although its hard to figure out where they are actually up to with DNF’s development cycle. The game has been moved to multiple game engines since 2001.

    Judging from previous footage, they seemingly had a great selection of ideas for the game. But since we’ve been told to forget about everything prior to the teaser, I’m guesing that they basically scrapped everything a few years ago. Which is quite disappointing.