Welcome to The Gaming Blog

November 22nd, 2007

So you’ve probably come to the site to see whats new and have been stunned by the crazy transformation, right? Well allow me to explain whats going on.

What I have done is removed all of the non video game related content an placed it in a new personal blog located at http://primescape.danielprimed.com . I did this to make the blogs more defined in content rather than being a mish mash of unrelated old and new topics. To find out more about everything that has happened take a look here.

What’s New?

What you’ll firstly notice is the new template to accommodate the overall site revision. I’ve stuck with a familiar layout but changed the graphics to give the site a new feel. With this I have added new regular feature image buttons and added a site poll. In addition there will be a few smaller changes going on while I adjust the site to my liking.

As I started writing about video games 6 months ago all of the content since then is on this blog. I’ve had to re-date some of the older content that I wanted to keep so that it fitted within this time period too. Everything else is over at PrimeScape.


I hope that you all like this new move. Although if something isn’t working or doesn’t look right then please drop me an email via the contact form or just leave a comment. WordPress likes to leave little symbols everywhere and mess up the page’s HTML. So theres probably a few of those kinda errors lurking around.

I’ll be working on the site over the next few days, just ironing out any remaining problems. I’ve already got a slew of great articles on the way to celebrate the revised version of this site, so be sure to subscribe to the RSS or email feed to stay up to date.

Thanks heaps for your continued support. ^_^