T-Bag = Total Fag

November 17th, 2007

I’m a big fan of the Internet gaming show; Pure Pwnage and if you’re a fan like me then you’ve probably already seen the latest episode that was released a few days ago, episode 15. Episode 15 had a consistent theme which was Halo 3 and Team Fortress 2. In the episode the main character Jeremy meets Terrence Brown “one of the best Halo 2 players in the world”. Now I don’t know a lot about this guy or even if he is what the show claims he is but I know one thing, the guy’s a douchebag.

Before I explain why, let me share my opinions on the Xbox and Xbox 360. Much like PC LAN culture, I’m not terribly interested in Microsoft’s gaming venture. In fact both the Xbox/Xbox 360 and LAN gaming have always annoyed me a little bit. Theres just something about the whole Americanized PC orientated style of gaming that really doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe its the fact that Xbox gamers seem to think that they are the more elite than the rest of us or that I grew up on games that aren’t currently on Microsoft’s consoles. I’m not sure but in anycase I always find myself frustrated with the ‘macho’, ‘manly’ 360 crowd. In saying this, I am a fair man, the Xbox 360 has a fantastic slew of games, so I try to not let these people affect my interest in the console.

This is an example on how I’m trying not to let fan jerks like Terrence affect my perception of a console, its games and gamers.

So now that you know this, let me explain why I think this guy is a douchebag. During the Pure Pwnage episode Terrence does a little rap, letting us all know that he thinks he is so awesome at Halo and that non 360 games suck. Lemme pull out some lines here:

“Yeah, if you can’t handle me, then you better go play with your Wii”
“Kirby playing bulls**t”
“Wario and all that s**t”
“Its a me, f**k that bulls**t”
“Lets a go, get the f**k outta here, b***h”
“Aight, check it, all you PC gamers out there with your keyboards, with ya little mousy pads, wit tatata da mousees, f**k that s**t”
“Dual analogue, b***h”

Way to go Terrence, you just made you and all of your 360 owning friends look like complete ignorant assholes. I feel totally reassured that Halo 3 on Xbox Live is not full of angry, testosterone fueled people like yourself.

Terrence is probably the perfect example of my experience with the 360 crowd. Cocky children from the PC gaming scene who seem to think that they have 1uped all of us long term console players because they own the best console ever made. Of course not all 360 players are like Terrence. In fact the majority of them are seriously great gamers but like with all of the major gaming consoles, guys like this bring down the name and reputation of that consoles gamers. So although Terrence probably thinks hes pretty cool for doing this rap it actually makes other gamers unfairly frustrated with the 360.

So thanks for doing that Terrence, thanks for pissing off Wii and PC gamers and for fueling our disliking towards 360 owners. Appreciate it.

DPs note: Wasn’t particularly happy with that post, I rewrote it over and over. Couldn’t really express my frustration the right way. But it feels better sharing

DP’S 2nd Note: Before you decide to post a rude comment informing me that I am some sort of idiot because I didn’t know that Terrance Brown was a fictional character then don’t because it will be deleted. I am not a Halo enthusiest so I had no idea if he was real or fictional.  And it seems that this is the case with a lot of people because I have recieved a good deal of traffic from people googling his name.

Ironically some of the comments that I have been recieving just prove how justified the main points of this article are.

Oh and yes, of course I know that Pure Pwnage is also completely fictional. I never said otherwise, so please don’t claim that I did. Thank you.

DP’s third and final note: I’m sick of some people not reading what has been written and ignorantly slagging me out. I’m going to lock the comments.

  • Bob

    Congratulations, you think a fictitious character is real.

  • He’s ficticious eh?

    Hmmmm, sounded pretty genuine to me but in anycase it feels good to talk about my experiences with the Xbox crowd. I just don’t like the vibe that I get from *some* of those gamers and this T-Bag character summed them up pretty accurately. So it made for a good opportunity to get it off my chest. ^_^

  • Joey

    Bah, PC gamers are the same way. I don’t know how many times PC gamers have said Call of Duty 4 for XBOX and Halo 3 suck because there’s no “Keyboard and Mouse” and how using a controller is an inferior way to play a game. I play them all. Like Bob said, the character is fictional and is meant to be HALO MASTER, therefore shits all over everything else. It’s appropriate for the character and is not meant to be taken seriously.

  • lol, yeah It easily fooled me. ^_^

    Yeah, I get that flak from some PC gamers too. Argh. >< Cheers for the comment dude.

  • Deagle HS

    Hahahaha, Dude its a show. For we know the PP guys wrote the song and got him to rap it. Its all song and dance for the show bro. Im PC to the Bone and I didnt get offend, I actually enjoyed the beat, flow and comical content of the rap.

  • Pie21

    Yup, he fictitious. If he wasn’t, Terrence Brown Halo 2 in Google would come up with something other than your article 🙂

    I think by the end of the eipsode it’s pretty clear that the whole thing has been taking the complete piss out of Halo 3 and the ridiculous hype for a no more than ‘good’ game. The PP people most likely hate the elitist gamers as much as anyone, and I saw T-Bag as an embodiment of everything that’s bad about Xbox gaming culture.

    Let me pull a couple of lines out:
    “Why would everyone be talkin’ bout it if its not so aussm, Kyle?”

    “Hey Jeremy, why aren’t you playing Halo 3?”
    “(complete disregard) Playing what?”

    Jeremy is a legend, and the whole episode was a joke at the Xbox and Halo 3’s expense. The whole thing reeked of satire, and I love how he has a Copperhead (although mine’s green, not blue).

  • I completely agree with you Pie21. This is the impression that I also got and like Deagle HS I did actually enjoy the rap song(you never hear decent video game themed rap songs and this one was really good).

    Hmm..feel very unsettled about this article. I wasn’t sure if I should post it or not. Although this Terrence character is a good example of my experiences with these sorta of gamers. The main message from the show and that episode in a way contradict my point here.

  • Paul

    its just a show. its scripted its not real lol.

  • Steve

    Ok sure, he was fooled. But that isnt what his article was all about. it was mainly about the degenerates that seem to frequent the xbox 360.

    As for pc gamers, well like consoles, the users vary from game to game. Some games have great communities! while [most] others, do not. As for the whole mouse and keyboard being superior, well, the mouse definitely is. No doubts about that. But the rest of the controller makes up for the lack of a keyboard. However in the end, the playing field is pretty level ^^

    Anyway, I’ve been in your position before [with other games and platforms]. Its unfortunately frustrating what anonymity can do.

  • Jason

    PurePwnage is a show which plays on stereotypes. He’s black so he’s rapping, the chinese one makes noodles and the white ones are more geeky, it’s reflecting societies stereotypical views.

    More to the point, to properly emulate the rap culture, they’ve made the rap far more arrogant and cocky than the actual character is. If you see him in the scene before and the scene afterwards, he’s a reasonable character who is welcoming and friendly.

    Therefore it seems you’ve taken the rap scene (a culture which is riddled with arrogance, masculinity and brashness) and disregarded the entire character. I think it’s poor judgment on your part.